Revengeball is a Scratcherball who anschlussed six Scratcherballs, and tried to anschluss another, before being occupied by Scratchtangle.

It all begun when KTMball and SFAball had a war with FeedRagball (disguised). They both insulted FR as if he was TFOL. (They couldn't see through the disguise.) The insults towards FeedRag (and how they were targeted at TFOL) made TFOL mad when he received a screenshot from FR. TFOL became Revengeball and FR became Revenge FeedRagtangle.

Revengeball first anschlussed KTMball and SFAball. They were both let go eventually, but KTMball became a satellite.

Revengeball secondly anschlussed Parksball, Splattyball and MMLball. The anschlussed Parksball was kept as a short-living protectorate.

He then made another satellite, Revenge Razorball. However, this satellite was disobedient, and was 75% controlled by anti-Revenge separatistballs. Later on, Revengeball made another satellite, Revenge BluHeadball. This satellite did not last long, and was cured by MysteryHex27ball.

Finally, he anschlussed OBBball, but then tried to anschluss a Wikianball. This didn't work, and Revengeball was occupied by Scratchtangle.

Revengeball comic