For the normal version, see Motropolia.

For the evil version, see Greater Dutch Empireball.

Motropoliaball is the official countryball of Scratch user -Hibot-. They started out as an ideal union for Europe in a dream of the creator more than a year ago.

The current form of Motropoliaball is 466 years old.

History Edit

Motropoliaball's lifespan is set after an economic apocalypse from 2206 to 2209. They managed to cover the entirety of central Europe, but decided to stay there and not expand their borders to pre-apocalyptic east Polandball, the rest of the Balkans (having taken Sloveniaball and Croatiaball), south Italyball and Denmarkball.

A civil war lasting from 2257 to 2261 (on the old cycle) led to the disestablishment of the Motropolian Republic, and the creation of the United Federation of Motropolia. The federation is a bit less stable than the republic though, so a few wrong moves and you could trigger a small war with them.

Today, Motropoliaball dominates in education, economy, political decisions, free press, freedom of speech and nationalism, which is coincidentally what -Hibot- desires most on Scratch. It is a bit weaker on military areas, religious unity and linguistic unity: every single province of Motropoliaball has their own dialects, no one speaks perfect Dutch.

Provinces Edit

Names are listed in modern Standard Dutch.

Nederlanden: pre-apocalyptic Netherlandsball and Flandersball.

Every pre-apocalyptic French region since 1-1-2016 excluding Corsica and including Walloniaball, translated to Dutch. (13 total).

Every pre-apocalyptic German state with the enclaved cities being merged by the state they're enclaved in, translated to Dutch. Also includes pre-apocalyptic Luxembourgball. (14 total)

Venetië: north pre-apocalyptic Italyball.

Tsjechië: 2016 Czechball. Czechball and Slovakiaball merge again somewhere in the near future, but get seperated again during Motropoliaball's expansion.

Alponië: pre-apocalyptic Switzerlandball, Liechtensteinball and Austriaball. It's the location of the capital, Monometropolia, which was built on pre-apocalyptic Zürich.

Pruisenland: pre-1945 central Prussiaball, the part Polandball owns in 2016. Also consists of the remaining space being surrounded by pre-1945 Prussiaball and Motropoliaball's eastern border.

Kroatië: 2016 Sloveniaball and Croatiaball.

Count: 33 provinces

Opinions on Others Edit

GumbaTV1268ball: Just some d00d I know, more acquaintances than friends.

TheFlameOfLloviantT: Closest person here that I can call a friend.

MothOfTheMoonball: Rather indifferent overall, but don't get why he wanted Yasinball's blood.

Netherlandsball: My origins.. but what is he smoking?

Greater Dutch Empireball: Dilemma. In some ways he's alright, but in all the others he's a terrible person that deserves to die.

Shiweraball: Lil' sis, the usual sibling rivalry/friendship things. I don't know.

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