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LYRICS: (Skylander Mom sings:) It's the L. I . F . E, (hey!) You can't live without life. Before you put a Skylander up on that portal You better make sure your choice is right There's Tree Rex, Stump Smash, Shroom Boom Camo, Stealth Elf and Zook It's the Skylanders of the Life Element, Somebody tell Kaos that he's gonna lose -- He's weighs in at just a couple ounces Shroom Boom, with the flappy tongue & Bouncing Boom Shrooms, little dudes not to be underestimated He'll sling shot himself without hesitating Enemies hate him, cuz when He shoots, He spores Paratroopers parade down on mace majors Infestation galore, his mushroom ring is ultimate He can move underground escaping enemies overhead Giving him a moment to lock 'n load Or pass the bar to a friend to drop a troll You know Who! Yeah It's Zook! A little similar with the fungal bloom But ain't nothing cute about his mortar bomb Pursue his soul gem & there'll be more to come With the MIRV, shells explode into 3 Shrapnel blasting enemies back fast with a cactus (oww) That grows in the same spot that it crashed in Wow! Straight to the Pow! Target Locking when Series 2 is in the house Bambooyah! Ha! Take that now! Let's call on Camo, so we can use his sun burst To scorch an opponent with loads of hurt A plant dragon with a firecracker vine Exploding rapidly and sending many melons to fly Call it the fountain, he could even hide inside Fruit punch, GMO exploding melons will strike With a sun blast shield that'll orbit around him The Life Skylanders aren't to be played around with -- (CHORUS x2) -- L.I.F.E, Life, Life Kaos, You're gonna lose, lose They are coming for you -- Silent but deadly, you know who it is Stealth elf with her decoy, fooling her nemesis Yeah, the Blade slasher, upgrade her dagger, Dragongfangs to sunblades, ninja master Her scare-trios are armed with axes Even booby trapped, yup, they'll explode in action Now you see her now you don't, with her acrobatics Watch for her Wow Pow, 360 slashin' & When Acorns attack, you know it's Stump Smash He'll pulverize any guy that lies in his path Create a meganut & then play some croquet Or perhaps he'll bash it fast and detonate Boom! Now, watch for that Pollen Plume Where all the nearby enemies get brought to their doom He drops the Hammer, then spits auto-nuts & he can chill in the water till his health caught up & in a stampede, we see just who it be next It's Tree Rex, fist slam, KABAM with the reflex Shockwaves for days, tripleshots in order Titanic elbow drop, chompy bot slaughter With his woodpecker pal, he can annihilate faster A lightfooted Giant with sun skewer blasts of Pure epicness, now be afraid of the bark Kaos you've already lost, straight from the start (CHORUS)

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